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Keeping the art of quilting and sewing alive with a vintage flair is my goal. I have great respect for our ancestors that sewed and quilted out of necessity. We now have the privilege of doing it for the love of the craft.

I love quilting, sewing, hand embroidery, crocheting and collecting. As a friend of mine says “she and I have old souls.” I love the old way of doing things and enjoy the process of whatever I am working on. My quilts are traditional, most of my sewing is on my old trusty 1937 Singer 66 machine, I embroidery by hand on vintage embroidery hoops and crocheting is just simply crocheting.

I have a passion for vintage machines and their attachments. I also collect any vintage handcrafting tools and items I can find. It is amazing to me that without computers and modern technology, wonderful sewing machines and attachments were created that are still in use. Some of them are 100 years plus and still working. To date, I have 3 treadle machines, 2 hand-crank machines, 23 other vintage sewing machines, 2 toy Singer machines, 2 newer (non-computerized) machines and 1 serger. The old things speak to me and I feel a respect for their history and service. I think about the pleasure they brought to someone and what that person was like.

It is my understanding that some schools no longer teach Home Economics. I think it is important for girls to learn to sew. There is a great satisfaction in creating something yourself. More importantly sewing is therapeutic. Many of our ancestors worked through their grief by creating beautiful quilts. It is no different now than then. For me, many a dampened spirit has been lifted by sitting at my old sewing machine and hearing the soft steady purr of its motor.


“My stitches keep me together at the seams”

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