504, 2019


Crocheting is something I like to do when I am too tired to sew or quilt.  Somewhere I saw a picture of someone using a pretty teapot to keep their ball of yarn in while [...]

2903, 2019

Singer 401A at an Estate Sale

I found this Singer 401A at an estate sale last weekend.  They wanted $55 for it.  I plugged it in and it didn’t run.  But I could see that the wiring was jerry-rigged.  The machine [...]

1412, 2018

Sophia’s Reading Pillow

A special little girl has a birthday tomorrow.  My great-niece Sophia will be 3-years-old.  She loves Minnie Mouse!   I got the idea of this reading pillow from a friend on FaceBook.  Luckily I found [...]

812, 2018

Estate Sale find of the Day

My find of the day this week is this Singer Featherweight tray, Singer Zigzagger attachment with extra stitch patterns and various feet. I can’t imagine why someone would separate the Featherweight tray from the machine [...]

512, 2018

Getting Started With Your First Quilt.

Getting Started With Your First Quilt. Here is what you should have at hand So you're ready to get started with your first quilt but you have no idea where to start. Below is [...]

412, 2018

Quilting is addictive – welcome to the club.

Quilting is addictive - welcome to the club. You will need: 1. Rotary cutter - I recommend a 45mm blade. It's small enough to handle some curves, but large enough to go through a lot [...]

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