Curve Master Curve Foot

I can’t say enough good things about the Curve Master. I was at a sewing get together with all my pieces cut out for a Drunkard’s Path quilt. I was struggling to get the pieces sewn together evenly. Pinning didn’t help me. I was just not getting a smooth even result. We left to attend a small quilt show in Kerrville, Texas. One of the vendors there was demonstrating the Curve Master – talk about good timing. I couldn’t get my wallet out fast enough. When my friends and I went back to our sewing, I whipped out the blocks with ease.

You can see the cut pieces. It looks like they will never fit, but they do. The sewn block is not trimmed. They fit together perfectly. The foot has a built in 1/4” seam guide. It is at the right bottom of the picture. You hold the top curved piece lightly with your thumb and index finger slightly up from the bottom fabric. As long as you don’t stretch either fabric, they will join evenly. At the end, do need to hold the upper fabric with bent-tip tweezers so it will go into place perfectly. There is no pinning or marking. They have adapters included for most any machine, even slant needle machines. Do yourself a favor and check out their website.

The website for this product is

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QUICK CUT RULER from Sew Kind of Wonderful

I found this ruler at the Houston International Quilt Festival. There are some sewing geniuses out there! This ruler and the others they have make beautiful contemporary quilts. There is a larger version on this ruler, but this is my size. With this ruler, you cut 5” pieces of fabric stacked so you cut quite a few at a time. You place this ruler “on point” of your fabric and cut in the slot with your rotary cutter. Talk about a time saver! You sew the pieces together leaving a bit at the beginning, then square your blocks to 4 “ for this size. There is very little waste and they go together wonderfully. Quick and easy!

The website for this product is They have many patterns for beautiful contemporary quilts and rulers for other curved-piece quilts. This gets an A+ from me.

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The Wacker Seams Perfect

The Wacker Seams Perfect

If you are a bag maker as I am this is truly a must have tool. It is a great tool for flattening multi-seam layers without clipping, removing stitches, twisting or pressing seams open. You simply steam press your seam and wack it. It will flatten it out without distortion. This has changed my life! Those thick lumps are now manageable and not such lumps. It is not just for bags. There are many times this tool is very helpful. I just happen to be a bag maker. This product has gotten many great reviews from sources much more important than me and offered at major distributors.
You can find The Wacker from several sources. However, take a look at their website:

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