This is the Featherweight I sew on. It was an EBay purchase and arrived in great condition. It isn’t mint because it does have some light scratches, however the decals are in great shape. Its manufacture date is January 7, 1941. I bought this for myself to replace one that wasn’t in such great shape. It’s been to quilt guild and friends houses for an evening of quilt piecing. Everyone else at quilt guild had fancy expensive machines. I wouldn’t trade this machine for all of them! You notice “Francine” sports a spool pin doily and on her case, a pink bow.

This 221 Singer Featherweight is an estate sale find. I was sick and left my warm and comfy bed to buy this. The manufacture date is October 1, 1948. This machine met a cruel project at some point in time. The front edge is pretty badly chipped and the decals are partially gone. Normally this damage would be on the front edge in front of the needle and throat plate. This damage is the the far right of the machine. The rest of the machine is in great cosmetic shape. There are so few minor scratches, it looks as if it were barely used. The case is also in great shape, but not pictured because it is waiting for a spa day!

This Singer 221 Featherweight was manufactured on September 16, 1946. My husband was visiting Florida and found this at a flea market. After 19 years of marriage, he has a watchful eye for anything “Singer.” When I got it, the machine was covered in opaque spots . It is now in good cosmetic shape with minimal decal loss on the front edge of the machine. This machine came with a rarely seen metal foot controller. The case, however, is in need of a facelift. It is sturdy, but looks as if someone or something peeled off part of the case covering. I found a material that closely resembles the original covering and I will attempt to recover it. If all else fails, there are some beautiful cases others have stripped, stained and polyurethaned. Though I may give or sell some machines, this one is a keeper since it is a gift from my husband.

This Singer 221 Featherweight is an estate sale find. The manufacture date is April 22, 1947. It’s in absolutely wonderful cosmetic shape. I have never seen a Featherweight with a white light switch. Perhaps it is a replacement. The case is also in great cosmetic shape. This is how I wish we all could find them every time. They are such little work horses and speak to my heart.

This Singer 221 Featherweight has a manufacture date of October 26, 1950. It’s my “youngest” Featherweight. It came with the newer style case that has a small compartment on the end to hold accessories and a holder in the lid for the foot controller. It is in pretty good cosmetic shape, only showing minor scratches. There was a price tag in the case from an Antique store in Boerne, TX that was dated April 20, 1991. The price had been marked down from $350 to a firm $300. I can imagine how happy the person was to find this machine. I know the feeling when I find one!

This Singer 221 Featherweight has a manufacture date of August 19, 1947. I found it at an estate sale for around $50. It is missing the case and bobbin case. I can find another bobbin case to purchase. In so far as the case, I think this machine is a candidate for permanently being housed in a No. 68 cabinet specifically for Featherweights. I dream of finding an original cabinet, but there are beautiful reproductions available as well. This machine is cosmetically the worst one I own, but it is still a beauty! I love leaving the machines original, but since this one needs some TLC, it is going to be a beautiful candy apple red someday. Whether I tackle the task myself or have a professional paint it is something I have yet to decide. I envision this machine in a cabinet sitting in the family room. That way I can watch TV with my husband and still be sewing.

My Singer Featherweight was manufactured on 1/7/1941 in Elizabethport, NJ. It was an EBay purchase which made me a little nervous, but it is almost perfect. It only has two tiny flea bites on the front edge. The decals are all perfect. A dear friend of mine gives classes on cleaning and maintaining Featherweights and the cases. I took her class and I must say my machine and case sparkle a bit more now. I actually have 5 other Featherweights in various stages of cleaning, repairs, and re-wiring. When I was a teenager, a friend’s mother had a Featherweight. I had never seen one and I wondered if she could not afford a full-size machine. Little did I know how wonderful and collectable they are.

This Singer 221 Featherweight has a manufacture date of March 15,1937. It is the oldest of my Featherweight machines. Notice it has a chrome stitch length indicator which is rarely seen. This machine was well loved as it shows more decal loss. Also the clear coat has been damaged, probably by a cleaning product. I’m in the process of cleaning this machine so the tension assembly is removed. Following the information of experts out there in the world, I will attempt to replace the missing decals and replace/repair the clear coat.