Non-Singer Attachments

This is my all time favorite non-Singer zigzag attachment. It is a no-name that I got in Germany. In the comparison, it is the bottom zigzagger. You can see the stitches are far superior to the Chadwick made in Japan. I used the same fabric, thread and tension on both examples. Both are just a little over 3” long, perfect for tucking into a Featherweight case. The Chadwick puckered the fabric a bit and did not stitch on the edge as well. I will experiment with the Chadwick to see if I can get a better result.

De Luxe

My next example is called De Luxe made in Japan. It is exactly like the Chadwick. They both come with a guide for edge stitching. I did get a better result with this one using the edge stitch guide. It does tend to pucker the fabric when using it in the middle of the fabric.

Y. S. Star Automatic Zig-Zager

The Y. S. Star Automatic Zig-Zager is more than a zigzagger. It makes decorative stitches as well. It is also made in Japan. It has little plates you snap into the back of the attachment to make the different stitches. The chart indicates the different stitches and the letter of the plate needed to make the design. Unfortunately I am missing the zigzag plate.

Stoppax Darning / Free Motion Attachment

This odd little piece of twisted metal will allow you to do free motion quilting, embroidery, darning etc. on even the oldest machines. I have it attached to my Singer 306W from the 1950s to early 60s. For some reason, I can’t find a site that mentions its serial number. It attaches around the needle bar right over your presser foot. When you want to do free motion, the long “arm” goes over the needle clamp screw. This will engage the pressure foot and lift it allowing you to do free motion. Two things to keep in mind, the “arm” can be adjusted up or down by simply screwing it in the direction needed. For more lift, screw the arm down and visa versa. The first time I tried the Stoppax, I had the arm screwed down too far (like the first picture.) My machine would not sew. Screwing the arm up higher is all I needed to do perfect free motion. Secondly if your feed dogs don’t drop, adjust your stitch length to zero so the feed dogs won’t move. When you want to straight stitch, simply turn the arm to the back. This way you never have to take the Stoppax off your machine. I love this little attachment. It’s even going to work on my old treadle machines.